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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Noah Davis

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Noah Davis
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PostSubject: Noah Davis   21/05/15, 08:29 am

Full Name: Noah Jack Davis
Date of Birth: August 4th, 1983
Age: 31
Any Special Abilities: Can freeze time
Home Town: Transylvania
Current Home Town: Every where

Hair: Sandy brown
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Muscular
Height: 6,0
Dress Style: Classic

Character Likes: Woman, mash potatoes
Character dislikes: Bugs
Strengths: Woman, books, cooking
Weaknesses: Bugs

Noah grew up with his parents and his little sister in Transylvania, he was the only person in his family to gain powers. It turned out that his great grandmother and his same power and it skipped a few generations. Noah loves working with his powers and even went to LVU to learn how to control it and passed with good grades which he was happy about if he said so himself.

Now Noah is grown up and after the death of his little sister, who was walking home at night by herself, she was raped and strangled and now Noah makes sure that his sister's memory lives on inside him and their family. Noah wished he could have done something more but he couldn't.

Name: Elizabeth Davis
Age: 59
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Henry Davis
Age: 62
Living or Dead: Living

Any siblings:
Name: Rosalinda Davis
Age: 18
Living or Dead: Dead

name: Pooter
age: 8
Living or dead: Living
Species: Dog
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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Noah Davis   21/05/15, 09:23 pm

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Noah Davis
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