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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Chloe Branyan

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Chloe Branyan

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PostSubject: Chloe Branyan   20/05/15, 10:47 am

Full Name: Chloe Angela Branyan
Creature type: Vampire
Date of Birth: September 11th, 1852
Age: 173
Home Town: England
Current Home Town: LVU
What Grade are you in?: Senior

Hair: Black
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Slim
Height: 5,3
Dress Style: Sexy
Creature characteristics: Eyes change red when she drinks blood

Character Likes: Family, cats, blood
Character dislikes: Cliques, silver
Strengths: Vampirism
Weaknesses: Family, silver

Chloe was born because of a one night stand. Her mother had a brief affair with a man that was already married with three children and then her. Chloe is like the bastard child of the group. Because of her father being married, it was said that Chloe had to remain hidden from her older sisters that had no idea she existed. Chloe grew up with her mother who had raised her since she was a newborn.

Chloe will one day meet her sisters even if it is the last thing she does. Chloe is very smart and beautiful and has all the men chasing but she ignores it because she isn't a whore. She believes in true love and getting to know the person instead of just a meaningless hookup. When she thought that she had found the one for her, she was turned into a vampire and now searches for her older sisters.

Name: Yasmina Branyan
Age: 54
Creature or Human: Human
Living or dead: Dead

Name: Louis Maximus Boudreaux VII
Age: 36
Human or Creature: Human
Living or Dead: Dead

Any siblings?:
Name: Juliette Narcissa Boudreaux
Age: 179
Human or Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Ophelia Elise Boudreaux
Age: 174
Human or Creature: Vampire turned Demon
Living or Dead: Thought dead but is alive

Name: Isabella Boudreaux
Age: 28
Human or Creature: Human with Special Abilities
Living or Dead: Living

Favorite Subject:
Least Favorite Subject:

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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Chloe Branyan   20/05/15, 12:00 pm

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Chloe Branyan
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