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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Jonathan Browning

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Jonathan Browning

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PostSubject: Jonathan Browning   17/05/15, 12:42 pm

Full Name: Jonathan Browning
Date of Birth:  September 30, 2001
Age: 24
Any Special Abilities: Black Belt in Karate
Home Town: London, England
Current Home Town: Romania

Hair: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Body type: Tall and built
Height: 6’2
Dress Style: Jeans and T-shirt

Character Likes: Christina, Running, Books, Protecting all People, Music
Character dislikes: Evil people, Green Veggies, Olives
Strengths: Christina, Runs fast, can fight
Weaknesses:  Christina, Children
Quirks: Hmm, ask Christina

Jonathan came from a very loving home, unlike many other families in the area he lived in.  Everything was all perfect until the day his father was killed by some street thug.  Jonathan was 8 years old at the time and decided then that he wanted to make a difference in the world.  His mother enrolled him in a more private school where he met his best friend, Christina.

Christina and him became inseparable all through high school, it was just Jon could never get up the nerve to make them permanent.   Of course they had dated and a few other things, but they could just never commit it seemed.  Well it was mostly Jon that could not commit.  He stood back though and let her music carrier take off because he really loved her.  He thought he was going to travel around with her until he decided what he wanted to do with his life until their last year in school.

One day during their last year in school Christina had seen him with a girl named Randi, they weren't dating but they might as well have been. Everyone assumed they were, Christina got jealous and as soon as she saw Jonathan she went off on him. She was hurt, angry, and heartbroken. She vowed to never see nor speak to him again
Jonathan had tried to get her to understand that there was nothing going on with Randi, but she refused to believe him.  He went on his own way, but continued to support her from a far.  He attended her concerts and sent her birthday presents.  He was finally able to catch up to her one night at a local bar.

Name: Patricia Browning
Age:  55
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Greg Browning
Age: 60
Living or Dead: Dead

Any siblings, Spouses, etc:
Name: Christina Maze
Age: 23
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Alpha
Age: 7
Living or dead: Living
Species: Black Lab
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Jonathan Browning   17/05/15, 12:53 pm

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Jonathan Browning
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