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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Site Rules (MUST READ!!)

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Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Site Rules (MUST READ!!)   04/02/15, 02:11 am

Follow these rules and I'm sure we'll all get along just fine! Failure to follow these rules could end up in a ban!


1. No bullying - It's alright for you're char's to be nasty to each other, but outside of rp fighting, or swearing, will result in you being banned for up to a month depending how severe it is.

2. No swearing - This is just the basic swear words, i.e: F- word, C-word, S-word. Keep it kid-friendly!

3. We are not allowed to have mature threads.

4. Make your username your character's first name, space, last name, none of this 'Draculalover123'

5. Make sure your posts are more than one line long, this just gives people more to RP with, other than just: Juliette walked on stage.

6. Students are only allowed to be 18 years or older as Luna Vermiculus is a University/Private Studies.

7. Currently we are only allowing 10 characters per handler. Too many character's result in in-activeness, which will result in us consulting you about deleting their account.

8. No physical abuse or child abuse, unless you and that other character have agreed to do that, or it is in your plot line. Please do not be overly graphic when being abusive, keep it vague.

9. Please keep in mind when you are having a group RP that it is polite to follow an order so others in it will not get lost.  If the person does not post in 3 days send them a message asking, if they do not respond or do not reply in five days then the next person can post.  If it is a dance thread or a party thread and you just want to chat among two people start another thread if it bothers you to wait.

Rule 10: NO GOD MODDING! That's a big no no here, unless that specific player gave you permission to God mod you must state that in your post!

Please keep in mind the people on this site range in ages from 12- 99, with different levels of writing. If you do not like the way a handler writes instead of complaining about it to everyone just don't post with them. All in All let us all get along and if you have any issues please feel free to contact any of the Admins.

The Admins are: Juliette Boudreaux, Dastan Remington, Isabella Boudreaux, and Ophelia Boudreaux

[i][color=#cc66ff]I, (Name here), Have read and understood the rules of this site. I fully accept any consequences if said rules are broken.[/color][/i]

People Who Have Read and Agreed to the Rules


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Site Rules (MUST READ!!)
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