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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Julian Summerton

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Julian Summerton
Julian Summerton

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PostSubject: Julian Summerton   Julian Summerton Icon_minitime02/05/15, 01:11 am

Julian Summerton Sp7mep
Full Name: Julian Bricker Summerton
Creature type: Vampire
Date of Birth: June 6th 1666
Age: 359 but looks 25
Home Town: Paris, France
Current Home Town: New Orleans, Louisiana. London, England. Paris, France. Bran, Romaina.

Julian Summerton 29krkn9
Hair: Ginger brown
Eye color: blue green
Body type: Muscular
Height: 5'11
Dress Style: Classy, casual.
Creature characteristics: eye's go red when hungry, bright blue green when at full strength.

Julian Summerton 2qx9aad
Character Likes: Reading, Art, drinking blood, Krislyn, music.
Character dislikes: People touching his property, Krislyn running away, imbeciles.
Strengths: Running, Drinking Blood, Krislyn, Hurting people, Hand to Hand combat.
Weaknesses: Kristyn, Garlic, Stakes, holy water.
Quirks: None

Julian Summerton 2ec1y7l
Julian was born to two vampires Jennifer and Chace Summerton. They had both been living for 100 years when Julian came along. His father was 200 and his mother was 100. It was always hard to control Julian, he is young and impulsive. He believes he is smarter than everyone else, most times he does anyway.

Julian was not sure why his parents chose to eat from animals or blood bags rather than people. It made no sense to him as every other vampire he knew always drank from humans, one day while he and his family was on a trip to America, he decided to go rogue and try humans blood. He broke into a house and killed the entire family and drained them of their blood, except one girl: Krislyn Parrish.

She had some sass which he found extremely attractive and he felt some sort of connection to her, he wasn't sure what to make of it. He developed Telekinesis as a child and he mastered it, he used his power to hold her down and he changed her. He took her to his parents and had introduced them to each other, his parents did not approve of him killing the girls entire family but thought it was good he found his life mate.

After a year and she ran away he chased her down, he'd been looking for her for years. He finally found her in Bran, Romaina attending a university. He decided to wait and watch her, wanting her to think she was safe and away from him, but it was not so, he wanted her guard down before he made a move.

Julian Summerton Mt89aw
Name: Jennifer Arabella Summerton (née Constantine)
Age: 459
Human or Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Chace Devereux Summerton
Age: 559
Human or Creature: Vampire
Living or Dead: Living

Julian Summerton Kainmg
Familiar: None
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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Re: Julian Summerton   Julian Summerton Icon_minitime02/05/15, 02:34 am

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Julian Summerton
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