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Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Gabriel Conrad.

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Gabriel Conrad

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PostSubject: Gabriel Conrad.    19/04/15, 09:36 pm

Full Name: Gabriel Lucas Conrad
Creature type: Vampire
Date of Birth:  September 12  2000
Age: 25
Home Town: London, England
Current Home Town: LVU, Bran, Transalvaniya
What Grade are you in?: Junior

Hair:  Sandy brown
Eye color: Green
Body type: Skinny but athletic
Height: 6’2
Dress Style: Casual, with some class at all times.
Creature characteristics: Eyes change colour and go black when he is angry and when he hasn't fed in a long time .

Character Likes: Ancient History, Music, Dancing, Thana , his younger brother David
Character dislikes: Arguing, violence, judgementality
Strengths: Loyalty, emotion control,
Weaknesses: Excessive amounts of blood, family, Thana
Quirks: Tends to stay quiet and rubs the back of his head when he is nervous.

Gabriel grew up a year older then David, but always loved his brother. They had the typical brotherhood relationship, and as they got older and hit their teenage years grew apart little by little. It was made worse when David was turned by a werewolf, it made things very difficult.

When Gabriel saw his brother turn as a young boy he vowed that his brother wouldn’t be alone and at the age of twenty was turned by a vampire, and did some of his own wandering for a while. He has finally returned and come to LVH to continue his learnings, hoping for a degree in Ancient History.

Name: Rowena Marie Conrad (née Augustus)
Age: 53
Creature or Human: human
Living or dead: living

Name: Robert Collin Conrad
Age: 53
Human or Creature: Human
Living or Dead: living

Any siblings?:
Name : David Fenrir Conrad
Age 24
Human or Creature: Creature
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Angelina Rose Conrad
Age: 15
Human or Creature: Human
Living or Dead: Living

Familiar: none
Favorite Subject: Ancient History
Least Favorite Subject: Chemistry
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Dastan Remington
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin
Leader of the Vampire Council/Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Gabriel Conrad.    29/04/15, 09:37 am

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Gabriel Conrad.
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