Luna Vermiculus University

Luna Vermiculus University, it was a safe haven for most creatures, but now, a darkness lurks about.
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 Juliette Boudreaux

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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

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PostSubject: Juliette Boudreaux   Juliette Boudreaux Icon_minitime03/02/15, 04:09 am

Juliette Boudreaux Hu15xw
Full Name: Juliette Narcissa Boudreaux
Creature type: Vampire, Vampire Council
Date of Birth: January 14th 1846
Age: 179
Home Town: Paris, France
Current Home Town: Bran, Romania

Juliette Boudreaux Zjglzn
Hair: Red sometimes Blonde, sometimes long sometimes short
Eye color: green
Body type: buxom, voluptuous
Height: 5'3
Dress Style: classy, sexy, casual, dressy at work.
Creature characteristics: her eye's change to a dark brown when hungry, change to a bright forest green when at full strength, goes bright red when angry.

Juliette Boudreaux X36zye
Character Likes: Her sisters (even Ophelia), peace, humans and creatures, parties, singing, joy and laughter, kids.
Character dislikes: Disrespect, rudeness, Unseen, people who want to destroy the world, Ophelia, death, hurt, snobs and jerks.
Strengths: hand to hand combat, flying, precognitive, her family and friends.
Weaknesses: her family and friends, her precognitive, drinking blood (as she hates the sight of it), her temper.
Quirks: Shakes her head a lot.

Juliette Boudreaux 2hqrrde
Juliette is the Eldest of 3 girls, her parents always expected the most out of her and wanted her to lead by example with her two sisters, Isabella and Ophelia, Juliette was close to both of them but knew something bad was going to happen to them, her parents died when she was 15 and she had to raise her two sisters by herself.

One day, she met a man at the market when she was 25, it was love at first sight. She fell madly in love and she always wanted to be with him, one day he took her into a small cave and said there they would be together forever. But she didn't realize forever had a consequence, she was than bitten by him and turned into a vampire, her sisters had followed them and when he attacked them, he bit Ophelia and changed her and she isn't sure what happened to Isabella, but next thing she knew, the man was killed and Ophelia was on the ground.

Decades passed and it seemed like Isabella didn't age and Ophelia only got darker, she was sad yet happy to be living this life along with her two favorite people. But soon it all changed, she was seeing all the creatures that were being hurt because people were afraid that they were different, but she also saw how some humans accepted creatures for what they were and loved them wholly. A little while later Juliette found out she was precognitive and could see the future, but only when someone's mind was made up and they had made their decision otherwise the future could go in a million different ways so her visions weren't a 100% accurate, but despite that She made it her life's mission to bring peace to these two worlds together and have them co-exist peacefully, but Ophelia thought she was utterly mad and went on her way to destroy the humans.

Juliette had chased Ophelia down and the two of them fought, Isabella had been somewhere outside but Juliette really didn't remember, but she and her baby sister were trapped in a cave and had fought until Juliette got the upper hand and defeated Ophelia, but for her own safety, and that of the worlds, she locked Ophelia in the cave and told Isabella it had caved in and Ophelia was dead.

Juliette built her school a few months later and named it Luna Vermiculus, latin for Crimson Moon, and opened it for Humans with special abilities as well as Young Adult creatures, she had opened it like a Private University. Ten years later her school was thriving, she and Isabella were still speaking, and the 10th anniversary of her beloved school was approaching, but she did not expect the one person she loathed the most, the one she felt she was destined to stop, the one she believed to be dead to just show up out of the blue: her sister, Ophelia. Jules is also Freya Shaw's foster mother and looks out for her, she gave the girl everything she's needed. She even gave her the middle name 'Fayette' and the last name 'Shaw' as Freya only had a first name.

Juliette Boudreaux 2u5dh5c
Name: Priscilla Victoria Boudreaux (née Newton)
Age: 35
Creature or Human: Human
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Louis Maximus Boudreaux VII
Age: 36
Human or Creature: Human
Living or Dead: Dead

Name: Isabella Boudreaux
Age: 28
Human or Creature: Human with Special Abilities
Living or Dead: Living

Name: Ophelia Elise Boudreaux
Age: 174
Human or Creature: Vampire turned Demon
Living or Dead: Thought dead but is alive

Foster Daughter:
Name: Freya Fayette Shaw
Age: Unknown (Possibly 24)
Human or Creature: Fairy.
Living or Dead: Living

Juliette Boudreaux 14mcs90
Name: Sphinx
Age: 2
Gender: Girl
Species: Black Tabby cat
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Juliette Boudreaux
Juliette Boudreaux

Posts : 306
Join date : 2015-01-31

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PostSubject: Re: Juliette Boudreaux   Juliette Boudreaux Icon_minitime03/02/15, 04:10 am

Juliette Boudreaux E9wxlk
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Juliette Boudreaux
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